Prepare for a better future with
XRXR contents

We design an immersive video by matching two videos, and create XR contents by applying convenient and innovative interactive technology.

We are currently concentrating our accumulated technology
with the goal of sharing visualization information
and XR contents in the evolving metaverse ecosystem.
We will prepare for the gradually approaching
coexistence of virtual and reality.

What are Einpictures TechnologyWhat are Einpictures TechnologyWhat are Einpictures Technology

XR content using convenient
and innovative interactive

  • 01

    Education and training

    By applying highly immersive virtual/augmented reality technology to education and training, effective learning effects are derived.

  • 02

    Marketing and Visualization of Spatial Information

    Through marketing using 3D location information, integrated visualization based on real mobility and virtual space, all angles and concepts are created as a new virtual reality space that has never been seen before.

  • 03

    Multiparticipation service

    Multiple people can watch the player's progress in the training space at the same time, regardless of physical distance and location, and language sharing and remote screen sharing are possible.


Founded in 1999, Ein Pictures started out as a company dealing with stereoscopic image technology and is currently developing and selling virtual/augmented reality contents.

In addition, in order to prepare for the future, we are attempting collaboration with various fields, and we are also developing expanded production of XR contents and metaverse-concept contents.

Our goal is to make it easy and convenient for anyone to quickly access our content anytime, anywhere and conduct various hands-on training.

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